Emerging Biopharma Startups Revolutionising England’s Healthcare Sector

January 28, 2024

The biopharma sector has been a burgeoning landscape for startups in the United Kingdom, particularly startups that kicked off in 2020 and beyond. These startups, often fuelled by the necessity and urgency of medical advancement in the wake of a global pandemic, have been instrumental in creating pivotal progress in the fields of biotechnology, life science, and healthcare. This article shines a spotlight on a select number of these notable startups whose headquarters are based in England.

What these biopharma startups have in common is the relentless pursuit of innovation coupled with the aspiration to harness biomedical technology to create lasting impacts on global health. They work on various aspects of biopharma, from drug discovery and development to respiratory disease research, from creating platforms for recruitment in life sciences to biotech consulting.

In this roundup, we will focus on startups based in London, arguably the country’s commercial and technological hub. Get to know each of them, including their exciting, ongoing projects, their leadership, and their visions for the future.

Duke Street Bio

Duke Street Bio, founded in 2020, develops medical drugs designed to offer improved treatment to cancer patients. Based in London, this startup also ventures into biotechnology and life science. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Inspira Pharmaceuticals

Inspira Pharmaceuticals was brought to life in 2020 by founders Nick Woolf and Rory McGoldrick. The company conducts research and development focused on treating respiratory diseases and aims to create technology for therapy and medicines for prevention. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Roquefort Therapeutics

Roquefort Therapeutics is a 2020-born biotechnology company that develops products through the pre-clinical phase. Based in the heart of London, Roquefort continues to contribute to the field of biopharma and clinical trials. Check their latest updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.


RecyGen operates in the biopharma and life science industries. To learn about their work, visit their website or connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Erika Robles Jones and Jeffrey Peterson, VITALIS REMEDIUM UK is a multinational manufacturer of medicine derived from cannabis indica. They are committed to developing medicine for common diseases that plague mankind and making it accessible.


Lifelancer is a 2020 startup by founders Jayesh Pandya and Priyesh Pandya. It is a Freelance & Remote Job Platform in Life Science, IT, Digital Health, focusing on Health Sciences, Biopharma, Biomedical, and Biotech domains. Connect with Lifelancer on LinkedIn.

Adendra Therapeutics

Founded by Caetano Reis and Raj Mehta, Adendra Therapeutics is a biotechnology company committed to discovering and developing new small molecule and biologic medicines for the treatment of a wide range of cancers and autoimmune diseases. Follow Adendra Therapeutics on LinkedIn.

invoX Pharma

invoX Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company with an advancing pipeline of innovative products addressing unmet healthcare needs. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.

Wider Team

Founded in 2021 by Phil Wolff, Wider Team offers solutions to major IoT issues with a particular focus on the biopharma, consulting, identity management, and pharmaceutical industries. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates.

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