Career Planning Innovations: Spotlight on York-Based UK Startups

January 28, 2024

The career planning industry is a vital part of the UK startup ecosystem. Offering counselling, professional advice, coaching, tools and resources, these startups understand their clients’ needs and provide innovative solutions to career-related challenges. Today, we take a closer look at a selection of startups from York, UK that were inaugurated in 2020 or later and are making significant strides in this industry.

York, with its historic charm and vibrant tech scene, provides a unique setting for startups. This city has witnessed an upsurge in entrepreneurial activity over the recent years. Young companies headquartered here have engaged with the career planning sector, delivering services that are reshaping conventional approaches to career growth and professional development.

From using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for career management to assisting immigrants in landing their first jobs, these startups vary in their objectives but share a common goal: to shape successful careers. Let’s explore some outstanding startups, shedding light on their mission, founders and services.

Pilot Pipeline

Based in New York, Pilot Pipeline operates within the realms of career planning, professional services, and software. Dedicated to providing quality services, the company offers a multiplicity of resources to help individuals navigate their career paths seamlessly. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to keep with the latest updates.

Chaotic Talent

Located in Manhattan, Chaotic Talent provides career planning services in a unique way. They cater to varied career needs of their clients with tailored solutions. Follow them on LinkedIn for exciting career resources and development opportunities.

Liberated Success

Liberated Success, based in Brooklyn, offers virtual career counselling services for youth career development, making substantive contributions to the non-profit, e-learning and career planning sectors. Stay updated on their progress and initiatives on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dot to Circle

Co-founded by Shakil Khan, Dot to Circle, leveraging AI, offers an innovatively designed career management platform. The company offers services to individuals and companies guiding them towards successful careers. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for enlightening content and updates.


Applihub, headquartered in New York, aids job seekers in finding their dream careers and helps hiring managers spot and retain exceptional talent. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest vacancies and news.


Founded by Siam Hossain, Algorizin focuses on helping immigrants land their first jobs by equipping them with hands-on software skills. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for insights into their invaluable work.

Upright Education

Benjamin Boas co-founded Upright Education, which partners with educational institutions to fill the technology skills gap. You can follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Based in New City, CareerSeek offers meticulous career planning services for students and fresh graduates. Stay updated with their initiatives on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Finance Jobs For Women

Finance Jobs For Women are dedicated to diversity and inclusion within the finance industry, connecting organisations with qualified female candidates. To discover more about their laudable mission, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

These startups, led by visionary founders, have shown remarkable growth since their inception in 2020. Through innovative business models and determination, they continue to reshape the career planning industry, making a significant impact on countless lives whilst also contributing to the local economy. The diversity, dynamism and commitment displayed by these startups are truly inspirational. So stay tuned for more exciting stories from the world of startups in York!

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