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5 Good And Bad Things To Consider Before Investing In Bitcoins

Bitcoin has become mainstream, and now it is on its way to becoming the domestic name.

Call it FOMO or the irresistible zeal to invest in Cryptocurrency, one thing is certain; everyone is keen on knowing more and penetrating this non-tangible digital currency market. 

Whether you talk about Cryptocurrency, or liquid gold, or digital investment, the common denominator is Bitcoin. So now, when everyone is talking about something, it is understandable to get curious. 

Every investor in the world has some mixed feelings about the Crypto that commenced it all. Some review it as an excellent platform, while others had a bitter-sweet experience with the entire digital currency phenomenon. 

If you are already invested in the market or planning to penetrate with perfect preparation, you have reached the right place. The excerpt below elaborates on the five good and bad things to consider before investing in Bitcoins. 

1. It Is A Volatile Market 

Needless to mention that Bitcoin has a volatile market. One day the prices may fall, and the next day it might skyrocket. But, one thing is for sure; no price will be stagnant for too long. 


  • The aggressive nature of Bitcoin is good for a long-term investment since you might become rich suddenly. 
  • With a little strategy and smart calculations, you can get more out of the situation before the price fluctuates again. 
  • The Bitcoin returns have high potential because of these characteristics. 


  • The bad thing about a volatile market is the possibility of enduring a heavy loss if you have invested a lot in mining and capturing Bitcoins. 

2. Bitcoin Has A Limited Source 

Bitcoin has a limited source of 20 million, and as of now, 18 million has already been mined and circulated. 


  • The major pros of Bitcoin having limited resources is the price value. Bitcoin will never lose its value for abundance. 
  • This also gives you a great bitcoin loophole to compensate for a loss; when Bitcoin is going through a period of loss, you can invest in buying more coins as they have greater value in the future. 
  • The more the resource limits, the higher the prices will rise. 


  • Because the regulators of Bitcoin want to keep the coin within reach of good investors, once you buy a coin and your details have been entered in the Blockchain, there is no return. 
  • This is one of the crucial reasons why people are so reluctant to invest in this Cryptocurrency because of its irreversible nature. 

3. Not Being Backed By A Government Institution 

As of now, there is no concrete government institution that backs up the functioning of the Bitcoin ecosystem. 


  • This decentralized nature of the Bitcoin universe is a big advantage when you want to have full control over your finances. This will ensure that no third party is regulating your asset and make you the sole decision of the entire owned capital. 


  • There aren’t any malware practices happening in the platform when it comes to the rightful consequences for the cybercriminals. It is because there is no such concrete regulatory body that is controlling everything. 
  • Bitcoin does claim itself to be extremely secure because of its tight-knitted Blockchain functioning. According to them, this can’t be penetrated by any cyber-criminal. If anything happens in spite of that, there is no compensation. 

4. Bitcoin Is Transparent 

Bitcoin gives clear information about its functioning. How it works, who is investing, and how the transaction goes on, etc. 


  • The transparent nature of this Cryptocurrency allows investors to get a clear knowledge of the third part before their investment. 
  • It also helps people comprehend the working of Bitcoin.


  • This also means that all your valuable information is out there, and it cannot be concealed again because of Bitcoin’s Block procedure. 
  • You have to be an investor and be all in, in order to read the whitepaper that explains the detailed functioning of Bitcoin. You can’t do it as an outsider. 

5. You Can Mine Bitcoin 

By solving some intricate math problems, you can help Bitcoin with its Blockchain addition.


  • On solving the problem, you will get Bitcoin for free without any investment. 
  • You can also form a group and find the solution collectively to make the procedure easier. 


  • Solving it collectively can make you divide the reward as well. 
  • You need to invest in high-tech computers to start Bitcoin Mining. 
  • After all of this, there is still a chance that you might never win. 

To Conclude

All in all, Bitcoin has both a good and a bad side, and it depends on you whether you will be more willing to take the calculated risk and get into the market. 


Sit here experimenting about it. 

However, Bitcoin has proven to be a very successful investment platform when it comes to the long term.

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