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20 Best British Running Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about british running? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best british running podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best British Running Podcasts 2021

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British Ultra Running Podcast

  • Publisher: James Elson
  • Total Episodes: 75

All about British Ultra running

Conversation Street

  • Publisher: Coronation Street podcast by Michael and Gemma
  • Total Episodes: 344

An unofficial podcast for the long-running British soap, Coronation Street.

The British Trail Running Podcast

  • Publisher: The British Trail Running Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 29

The British Trail Running Podcast fetches you the latest news about trail running throughout the UK

The Milestone Pursuit

  • Publisher: Steve Hobbs
  • Total Episodes: 80

As featured in The Guardian, this is (mainly) run coaching in your ear – simply download and listen on your run. From mindfulness to speed sessions to hill reps to easy runs with some chatter about topics of the day, there is something for everyone. All recorded on the run, some people even use it as a sleep aid.The aim of the podcast is to help people with their running and so these podcasts also include training tips and advice and inane chatter about coping with the world we are living in.If this approach works for you, you might also be interested in our Early Milestones coaching programme, where we support your running with specific podcasts (and more) for your ability and aims. Detail are on our website and at our Patreon page Milestone Pursuit is an action-oriented performance coaching business, operating in running and in business owned and led by Steve Hobbs, British Athletics Endurance Coach, 2h30 marathoner and Business Performance Coach. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Disney Brit Podcast

  • Publisher: The Disney Brit Team.
  • Total Episodes: 330

The longest running unofficial Disney Podcast to come out of the UK. Come take a trip through the world of Disney with a British edge.

It Takes Grit

  • Publisher: Rebecca Louise
  • Total Episodes: 118

Getting your workout in, eating the right foods and changing your mindset is no easy task – IT TAKES GRIT! ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Rebecca is here to make sure you know what it takes, how to get through the tough times, keep you on track and get you results no matter what you are looking for. From fitness to nutrition, health to relationships and mindset to motivation. Rebecca gives you the real deal and grit on what it takes to be successful. You will leave each episode with tangible advise that if you choose to implement, will change your life and mindset forever.Join Rebecca Louise and her British humor as she takes you on a journey of self discovery, a broadened mindset and a life without limits. From a small town in England to running an international business and living in Southern California, Rebecca openly shares her experiences and struggles of how she got to where she is today. Coupled with a bunch of hilarious stories, untold events and her quick sarcastic wit, this podcast certainly makes for an easy listen, while providing you with an action plan to achieve your dreams and desires!

The Curly Hair Q&A Show

  • Publisher: Kenneth Nickels
  • Total Episodes: 113

This is your chance to ask a world-class Curl Professional your questions, and get them answered daily! Melanie Nickels is the founder of the Raw Hair Organic Salon in Naples, Florida, one of the top Curly & Natural hair salons in the country. She is the founder of the Raw Curls Academy, and co-founder of the Raw Curls brand of organic & natural products for curly hair. She is an American Board Certified Master Haircolorist (specializing in curly hair), and a former educator for the organization, as well as a former judge / exam evaluator (one of only 19 certified Professional Hair Colorist Exam Evaluators world-wide). To submit your questions, simply comment them below, and they will go in the queue! We do a Live Q&A in our Curly Girl Support Group on Facebook, simulcast here on Youtube, every Monday night at 7:30pm EST. If you are a Curly Girl and would like to join the group, follow the link below! Melanie was personally trained and mentored by a U.S.National Hairdressing Champion and British National Hairdressing Champion, who worked side-by-side with Vidal Sassoon, as well as graduating top of her class at the #1 Aveda Institute in the United States. Melanie also served as a stylist on the long-running hit Broadway musical “42nd Street”, and was a SAG union member. She has extensive Curl-Specific training and certifications with the top disciplines in the world: The Deva Academy, Ouidad, Curlisto, and more. She is undoubtedly the most Comprehensively-trained Curl Specialist in the world today. Melanie holds two college degrees as well: Accounting and Business Management.

The Mountain Running Pod

  • Publisher: The Mountain Running Pod
  • Total Episodes: 6

Informative, amusing and joined by a plethora of guests, your hosts, British international mountain and trail runners Seb Batchelor and Rob ‘Sinco’ Sinclair, discuss the world of mountain running and sports performance.

A Doctor A Day Podcast – My comic book life

  • Publisher: David Akers
  • Total Episodes: 100

A husband and wife, both long-time fans, review an episode of the long-running British television show Doctor Who every weekday.

For Love and Music

  • Publisher: Tara Joseph
  • Total Episodes: 71

They say music is the best way to tell someone you love them because it finds it’s way into the secret corners of your soul. So whether you are into music or love – or both! – you’ve come to the right place!Initially launched under LA LA LANDED, your host, Tara Joseph, has branched out on her own and is going solo. Having worked in the entertainment industry as an Agent and Music Manager for over 25 years, Tara decided to move from the UK to LA for two reasons – love and music! Focusing on entertaining, exciting, and informative interviews with key industry execs, creators, and artists, with a little bit of love thrown in along the way, For Love and Music will offer listeners a fun-packed and inspirational inside look into the ever-changing music industry. Tara started as a talent agent at the William Morris Agency, London, representing some amazing artists such as Victoria Beckham, Jamie Dornan, Charlie Hunnam, and Elle Macpherson, to name a few.In the early 2000s, Tara moved into music management where she managed Nicole and Natalie Appleton of All Saints. From there, she managed a number of recording artists, before meeting classical superstar, mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, whom she represented for eight years. Taking Katherine to global stardom, she helped transform her into a household name and become a British icon.She continues to work as a music manager running her management company, Jam Artists Group, working closely with Universal Music on a number of exciting artists and projects as well as representing the world-renowned producer, Patrick Hamilton, who is signed to Decca Publishing (Universal Music Group) and 1631 Recordings, classical singing sensation, Emanne Beasha, who was a finalist on America’s Got Talent 2019 and is signed to Sony/ATV publishing and Josh Piterman, currently starring as the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera in London’s West End. In recent times, Tara has diversified into television formatting and production and is currently in development with some ground-breaking TV formats through her company, Dantar Productions. Whether you are an aspiring composer who wants to be inspired by other composers, or a clinical psychologist trying to understand how music can be incredibly helpful to the people you’re trying to nurture and help, or a musician keen to tour the world, For Love and Music will bring you conversations and information that will help you develop and grow. Join Tara Joseph on her For Love and Music journey today and embrace life’s many different elements from coming in touch with so many wonderfully talented individuals.

The Big Idea

  • Publisher: RTHK.HK
  • Total Episodes: 170

Our presenters Douglas Kerr, Vanessa Collingridge and guests explore the history, meaning and significance of ideas in contemporary society. ********************************************************************************* The whole series of the Big idea is available in our podcast station   Podcast: Weekly update and available after its broadcast.  ********************************************************************************* Douglas Kerr Douglas Kerr is Professor in the School of English at the University of Hong Kong, where he teaches courses in literature and rhetoric. He has lived in Hong Kong since 1979. He was born and brought up in Scotland, but went to Cambridge University in 1969 to read Modern Languages and English, and then moved on to the University of Warwick, where he studied English and French literary responses to the First World War, leaving with a PhD in Comparative Literature. During this time, a penurious year working in the French National Library in Paris gave him a taste for living some distance from home. He satisfied this taste by moving to Hong Kong, and has been here ever since. A continuing scholarly interest in the literature of the Great War eventually produced a book on the English war poet Wilfred Owen, and this was published by Oxford University Press in 1993. This was followed by George Orwell, published by Northcote House in their Writers and their Work series. Living first in colonial and then in postcolonial Hong Kong, it is no surprise that he became deeply interested in the way Asia (or the East, or the Orient) was experienced by foreigners, and this became the subject of his next book, Eastern Figures: Orient and Empire in British Writing, published by Hong Kong University Press in 2008. Like many others, Douglas had first encountered the Sherlock Holmes stories as a child, but it was a lot later that he began working on their author, Arthur Conan Doyle. Though he is best known for his detective fiction, Conan Doyle was a prolific writer in all sorts of genres and subjects, and an important figure in the cultural history of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Douglas's book Conan Doyle: Writing, Profession and Practice, to be published by Oxford University Press in 2013, is a “cultural biography” of Conan Doyle and a study of all his writing. Douglas is a regular book reviewer for the South China Morning Post, and was on the Board of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival for five years; he still acts as an Advisor to the Festival. Though Hong Kong is a small place and he has been a resident here for more than thirty years, like other professors he still has a tendency to get lost. Vanessa Collingridge Vanessa graduated from Oxford University in 1990 with a first class honours degree in Geography and started working in television, quickly moving into the field of science, environment and history which remain her passion both on and off screen. Since then, she has been a regular face on all the major UK TV channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5), along with Discovery and The Learning Channel (USA) and The History Channel (worldwide). In Spring 2007, she took over the chair of the long-running weekly series Making History, the flagship history series for BBC Radio 4. Her 4x1hr documentary series, Captain Cook – Obsession and Discovery (2007-8) based on her best-selling book, has now won five major international awards including a Canadian “Gemini” (“Oscar”) for Best History Programme, Australia’s prestigious National Culture Award and the Sydney Morning Herald Readers’ Award for Best History Programme. The series has so far been screened in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, North & South America, North Africa and most of Europe. A former columnist for the Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman and BBC History magazine, she writes a monthly column for BBC Who Do You Think You Are magazine along with features for the national newspapers, particularly the Daily Mail, Scotsman and Sunday Herald. A reviewer for The Literary Review, her own books include Captain Cook (2002), Boudica (2005) and The Story of Australia (2008) plus multiple chapters for Thames & Hudson’s Seventy Greatest Journeys in History and The Greatest Explorers in History (2010). Vanessa is currently researching her PhD on the history of cartography of the Great Southern Continent (Antarctica), based at Glasgow University and Cambridge’s Scott Polar Research Institute. She lectures on science, history, geography, presentation skills and the media across the UK, including at Cambridge, Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities, the RGS and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. She is a Fellow of the RGS and RSGS and co-founder & host of Glasgow’s Café Scientifique to stimulate debate between the scientific community and the general public. She is a regular speaker at Book Festivals including Edinburgh International Book Festival, Cheltenham and Christchurch (New Zealand). She is director of her own production company, Monster Media Productions, which makes radio and television programmes for broadcast and corporate clients; the company also provides a range of training for media and presentation skills. She moved to Hong Kong in November 2010 with her husband and four young sons from where she continues to write and broadcast, and research her PhD.

Kim by Rudyard Kipling

  • Publisher: Loyal Books
  • Total Episodes: 23

Present day readers live in a world that’s emerged from the Cold War and the endless rivalry of the Super Powers but this book goes back and traces the origins of the conflict and mutual antagonism between nations. Kim by Rudyard Kipling is set against the background of the Great Game as it was called the tug-of-war between Britain and Russia for the control of Central Asia. The novel’s action takes place during the Anglo-Afghan Wars of 1839-42. The novel’s sweeping narrative, the depth of character and the sheer historical scale make it a first rate story. Nobel Prize winning author Rudyard Kipling is not much in fashion today. He is considered a relict of Imperialism and the old colonial tradition. Yet, his work remains relevant and incisive even today, in the climate of Neo-Imperialism and the economic and social colonialism practiced by many big powers. As a brilliant and most authentic portrait of Victorian British India, Kim remains unrivaled. It is also a wonderful coming of age story, peopled with remarkable and memorable characters, and traces the young hero’s poignant search for identity, caught as he is between two cultures. Kimball O’Hara (or Kim) lives an itinerant existence in 19th century India, where Imperialism is at its peak. He is the young son of poor Irish parents who are both no more. He survives by running occasional errands for a Pashtun horse-trader called Mahbub Ali in Lahore. Mahbub Ali is actually an undercover agent working for the British. Kim leaves Lahore and joins a Tibetan lama in the quest for a legendary river. Ali meets and recruits Kim to his spy ring, but Kim is rescued by an old friend of his father’s and sent off to study in a good boarding school in Lucknow. He remains in touch with Ali and the Lama. Upon completing his schooling, he is recruited by the British government and enters the Great Game in earnest. The rest of the novel follows Kim’s career and deals with the final choices he has to make in life. Kim is a book that can be read on many levels—a gripping adventure story, a brilliant picture of childhood and a mystical tale of the spiritual traditions of India. For modern readers, the current situation in Afghanistan seems all too close to what is depicted as happening more than a century ago.

The British Exploring Podcast

  • Publisher: British Exploring
  • Total Episodes: 7

The British Exploring podcast is interviews with world leaders in the adventure world, learning their secrets and get to the bottom of why they do what they do. The British Exploring Society is a youth development charity and has been running since 1932. We run wilderness expeditions that focus on science, adventure and media to unlock individuals full potential.

Darwin’s world-wide web – Audio

  • Publisher: The Open University
  • Total Episodes: 16

How did Darwin gather data for his work? What do his surviving letters reveal about him, both as a man and as a scientist? He often seems like a solitary figure, but was this really the case? This album looks at the Darwin Correspondence project, an enormous endeavour that has been running for over thirty years. Today the project web site contains over five thousand letters, and there are plans to more than double that number. Shelley Innes, a historian of science and Alison Pearn, the assistant director of the Darwin Correspondence project, talk about the letters and how in particular they offer great insights into Darwin the man and Darwin the collaborator. The tracks on this album were produced by The Open University in collaboration with the British Council. They form part of Darwin Now, a global initiative celebrating the life and work of Charles Darwin and the impact his ideas about evolution continue to have on today’s world. © British Council 2009.

The Slammasters Wrestling Podcast

  • Publisher: Slammasters Wrestling
  • Total Episodes: 7

A podcast by South Wales wrestling promotion Slammasters Wrestling. The podcast discusses life at the lower end of the British Wrestling scene – the trials and tribulations of promoting and running shows, as well as interviews with the past, present and future members of the roster.

The Probe Dental Podcast

  • Publisher: The Probe
  • Total Episodes: 27

The official podcast from The Probe – the UK’s longest running and leading independent magazine for all members of the dental team and home of the Dental Awards. The Probe Dental Podcast features discussions that explore all areas of the British dental sector. Guests join us from all corners of the industry to provide their own unique perspectives on a wide range of topics, from manufacturers and figureheads of various dental organisations, to those in the trenches working in practice, and more.

Doctor WHeasel: Misadventures in Time & Space

  • Publisher: Llordllama
  • Total Episodes: 109

Doctor WHeasel is long-running comedy-drama scifi adventure serial, which since 2016 has combined ironic, meta-aware humour and homages to classic British TV scifi. Now in its 5th series, each episode sees heroic Time-Weasel, Doctor WHeasel, and his hapless companion, Advick Goose, careen from disaster to triumph and back again. The series created by Llordllama, features a talented revolving cast of amateur and professional voice artists. Prior to the podcast, Doctor WHeasel was created in 2007 to produce video reviews of ‘Doctor Who’, but slowly evolved into its own narrative universe.

Success Beyond The Score

  • Publisher: Millicent Stephenson
  • Total Episodes: 38

Described as ‘Sax supremo’ by The Voice Newspaper, Millicent is a multi-award winning British saxophonist and Endorser for Harry Hartmann Fiberreeds. Millicent sits on the Executive Committee, the Midlands Regional Committee and Equalities sub-committee of the Musicians Union. She has a passion to see more women in music and founded ‘Cafemnee’ a networking and empowerment organisation providing training for female musicians to achieve their music goals. Millicent has gained recognition among artistes and is featured on many Stages including British TV. Millicent’s music is featured on international and national Radio stations. Millicent’s Podcast ‘Success Beyond The Score’ is for musicians, singers, rappers and spoken word artistes who are finding their way in the music industry. Her weekly episodes discuss do’s, don’ts, give tips and insights to help with building a strong music business and getting consistent work. Thank you for stopping by. At this time, my Gigs have been cancelled or postponed because of COV-19. It would be great if you could donate to help fund the running and creation of my music and podcasts so I can continue to help others in their music. Don’t worry if you’re not on PayPal, it accepts card payments too 🙂 I’ll also give you a shout out on my next episode 🙂 Many thanks. Kind regards. ms Get your FREE copy of Millicent’s ground breaking booklet called ‘REVEALED – 25 SECRETS OF THE SUCCESSFUL GIGGING MUSICIAN, SINGER, RAPPER AND SPOKEN WORD ARTISTE’ here:

Running Water by MASON, A. E. W.

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 26

Although A.E.W. Mason is best known for The Four Feathers, an adventure novel of 1902 set in Egypt and the Sudan (and filmed several times), he was a prolific and popular writer of the period. Running Water, published in 1907, is, like its predecessor, a tale of romantic adventure. Though much of the story takes place in England, the real setting here is in the high Alps, in the range of Mont Blanc near Chamonix and Courmayeur. Here it is that Captain Hilary Chayne arrives, having spent the prior four years of his army service on the shores of the Red Sea, dreaming all the time of his return to the Alps, to the world of rock, ice, and snow, to mountaineering with all its challenges and joys, and to its comradeship. And here it is too that he meets the young and beautiful Sylvia Thesiger, a girl already in love with the high mountains, and seeking in them an escape, as far as possible, from her unpleasant and domineering mother.Is it necessary to add that disappointments. problems, misunderstandings, and outright villainies, ensue to complicate the course of true love? After the twists and turns of novel’s English midsection, the setting shifts back to the high Alps, and the final, climactic scene is played out on the heights of the Italian face of the Mont Blanc. This is the Brenva — where thousands of feet of rock and glacier sweep steeply up to reach the highest point in western Europe. It is an Alpine route that today, over century later, even experienced climbers still find a challenge. There are not many novels given over to mountaineering, and some consider Mason’s descriptions of climbing among the finest in fiction. Unlike The Four Feathers, Running Water has never been filmed – though given the quality of some of Hollywood’s mountaineering movies, that may actually be a blessing. Finally, for those unfamiliar with the teminology, several French terms are customarily used by alpinists and appear in Mason’s book. An aiguille (needle) is a peak, usually sharp pointed, often of rock, sometimes of ice and snow. The Chamonix aiguilles, many of which are mentioned here, are famous among climbers and lovers of alpine scenery. A col is a pass between two mountains, or ranges, and in the High Alps often of steep ice and snow, sometimes of rock. And an arête is a ridge, or spur, of a mountain, sometimes of ice or snow, sometimes of rock, and often of all three. Historical note: The first ascent of the Brenva face was made by A.W. Moore and a party of three other British climbers and two Swiss alpine guides, in July, 1865. The account was published in Moore’s book, The Alps in 1864, and it is this book that Garratt Skinner is reading in Chapter XII, as he lies in his Dorsetshire hammock. In 1943, another great British climber, T. Graham Brown published his Brenva, describing the various routes on the great southern face, on two of which had had made first ascents. Brown credits Running Water as first turning his attention to the face, and has high praise for its descriptions of mountaineering. (The second ascent for the Brenva route was made by W.A.P. Coolidge and others in 1870).A further note: in Chapter XIII, Mason twice refers to Switzerland when he means France. Perhaps he was dozing; or perhaps he was drawing some of his material from Baedeker’s Guide to Switzerland, whose earlier editions included the range of Mont Blanc, a chain shared by France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Ginetta GT4 Supercup & Junior Championship Audio Podcasts

  • Publisher: CRE8MEDIA LTD
  • Total Episodes: 23

Driver Interviews updated online. The Ginetta GT4 SuperCup is Ginetta’s flagship championship. Broadcast live on ITV4, it offers unrivalled exposure for drivers, teams and sponsors thanks to its place on the BTCC support bill. As a BRDC qualifying championship, it is a stepping stone into global GT racing. The Ginetta Junior Championship is the UK’s Longest running junior series, offering the first step on the motorsport ladder for 14-17 year old racing drivers. Using the multi-disciplined Ginetta G40, it gives aspiring teenage drivers the experience of a lifetime, kick-starting their journey towards racing stardom. The motorsport world is immersed with racing stars who started their careers here at Ginetta. The Ginetta Junior hall of fame include drivers such as Charlie Robertson (European Le Mans Series LMP3 Champion 2015), Jamie Chadwick (British GT4 Champion 2015) and Will Palmer (BRDC Formula 4 Champion 2015) as well as racing stalwarts Lando Norris, Dino Zamparelli, Seb Morris and Tom Ingram claiming victories in 2015, to name but a few.

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