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20 Best British Columbia Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about british columbia? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best british columbia podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best British Columbia Podcasts 2021

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Cold Case Canada

  • Publisher: Eve Lazarus
  • Total Episodes: 14

Cold Case Canada is an independently produced true crime podcast hosted by Eve Lazarus, a reporter and author based in Vancouver, British Columbia

Come Out Heavy Hunting Podcast

  • Publisher: Come Out Heavy
  • Total Episodes: 15

Two guys talking hunting in British Columbia, swapping hunting stories from the back country, talking mountain hunting, gear dumps and interviews with guys from around the hunting industry. Contact us with any questions or feed back at [email protected]

The Ruminant: Audio Candy for Farmers, Gardeners and Food Lovers

  • Publisher: Jordan Marr – Farming, Gardening, Food Security
  • Total Episodes: 112

For people passionate about farming, gardening, food politics, food security, and the intersections among these topics. Jordan Marr, a certified organic farmer in British Columbia, interviews farmers, gardeners, academics, and journalists about stuff farmers and food system nerds care about. If where and how your food is produced matters to you, this podcast is produced for you!

Books & Ideas Audio

  • Publisher: Vancouver Writers Fest
  • Total Episodes: 17

Exhilarating conversations and ideas from the world’s greatest storytellers and luminaries. From the esteemed vaults of the Vancouver Writers Fest, located in beautiful British Columbia.

Best Science Medicine Podcast – BS without the BS

  • Publisher: Dr James McCormack and Dr Michael Allan
  • Total Episodes: 130

The Best Science (BS) Medicine Podcast is a weekly presentation where practitioners can get evidence-based drug therapy content that is practical, entertaining and promotes healthy scepticism. In essence, we are the Medication Mythbusters. We present information that is useful and relevant to physicians, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants and other health professionals, and that can easily be incorporated into day-to-day practice. The podcast is presented by Dr. James McCormack, Professor in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia and Dr Michael Allan, Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of Alberta. For more about us and to get the show notes for each episode, visit our website at or

Heaven Bent

  • Publisher: Tara Jean Stevens / Frequency Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 18

Tara Jean Stevens was a teenager when a bizarre spiritual movement spread to her childhood church in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Worshipers were laughing uncontrollably, shaking, and falling to the ground. Some even claimed that gold teeth miraculously appeared in their mouths. In season 1, join Tara Jean as she begins her exploration of the “Toronto Blessing”. In season 2, she tracks the spread of this movement to Bethel Church, in Redding, California. Today, Bethel is one of the largest and most unusual churches in America. What goes on inside its bewildering School of Supernatural Ministry? Is Bethel as powerful as its critics believe it to be? And, during the COVID-19 pandemic, why are its most high-profile leaders defying public health orders? Heaven Bent: an examination of divine intervention.

Pursue the Hunt Live

  • Publisher: Pursue the Hunt Live
  • Total Episodes: 11

PTH Live brings its listeners into the hunt through experiences, stories, gear reviews, and trivia. PTH Live is a media outlet to Pursue the Hunt showcasing hunting in Beautiful British Columbia.

SLP Corner

  • Publisher: Shannon Briggs
  • Total Episodes: 65

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the SLP Corner podcast! My name is Shannon Briggs and I am based out of Vancouver, Canada. I received my Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I currently work at a private practice where I have a play-based, child-led therapy approach and strive to work towards functional outcomes! The goal of SLP Corner is to create a shared space to learn and share regarding all things speech, language, and social communication. I am a big proponent of evidence-based practice and try to make sure that’s included in all of my posts. Feel free to connect with me further by checking out my Instagram (@slpcorner), blog ( and Facebook page (SLP Corner). Talk soon, Shannon

Cascadian Beer Podcast

  • Publisher: Cascadian Beer Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 91

This is not your average beer show. You won’t find consistent beer reviews or the latest opinion gossip about the industry. The Cascadian Beer Podcast is about the people behind the local breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Each episode is dedicated to a single brewery; we profile their history, how they started and their place in the local community. Cascadia is a bio-region in the Pacific Northwest which is made up of the US States of Washington & Oregon, as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia. This is an area that helped kickstart the craft beer industry in North America and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Subscribe to the Cascadian Beer Podcast to learn and discover new breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Visit the website:

Relentless Knitting Podcast

  • Publisher: Relentless Knitting Company
  • Total Episodes: 68

Welcome to the Relentless Knitting Podcast! We’re so happy you’ve found us. We are two science teachers who knit based out of the beautiful Okanagan valley in British Columbia Canada. The goal of this podcast is to share our love of the fibre arts and foster community. Our focus will be knitting with flares of other hobbies and interests. We are both recent first time moms and we’ll be sharing some of our adventures in mommyhood. We own Relentless Knitting Company and are contracted by our local yarn store to teach knitting classes. Find us on facebook, twitter and the web at and join our group on Ravelry – Relentless Knitting Company.

Cannabis Science Podcast

  • Publisher: Dr. Ricardo Rivera
  • Total Episodes: 56

Cannabis Science Podcast is a show dedicated entirely to answering your most salient questions about cannabis, it’s uses, preparations, products, and constituents using the most recent and proven scientific data from both industry and academic sources. Join Dr. Ricardo Rivera, a faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of British Columbia. Each episode takes listeners through a lighthearted, yet in-depth look into cannabis from an industry insiders’ perspective. This is the science of cannabis made simple!

The MARTINZ Critical Review

  • Publisher: The MARTINZ Critical Review
  • Total Episodes: 68

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – ARM YOURSELF WITH IT! Thank you for listening – you didn’t have to but you did! This podcast seeks to separate the truth from propaganda in the field of natural sciences and human health. Here you will find a hard-hitting analysis and commentary covering a number of prescient topics focused primarily on British Columbia. From time to time we will also expand our focus to look at global issues. It is not enough to simply complain about our problems and therefore this program aims to find modern solutions to the issues facing all of us.

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s

  • Publisher: Curiouscast
  • Total Episodes: 93

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s is an honest, funny, and engaging podcast chronicling host Larry Gifford’s personal journey with Parkinson’s disease. Gifford, his wife Rebecca, and their son Henry live in Vancouver, British Columbia. Gifford has worked in radio for nearly 30 years. In August 2017 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 45. Now in its second season, When Life Gives You Parkinson’s is a first-hand account of what it is like to live with PD for Gifford, his family, and other members of the worldwide Parkinson’s community. Answering probing questions from co-host Niki Reitmayer and letting listeners eavesdrop in on intimate chats with his wife, Gifford uses humour to diffuse heavy content and give the podcast a hopeful tone. He gives voice to Parkinson’s experts and advocates from around the world and together they openly tackle tough topics. The authentic, frank conversations along with compelling storytelling is what makes this podcast interesting, informative, and enlightening. Special thank you to our partners. Presenting partner is Parkinson Canada, content and promotional partner Spotlight YOPD, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Parkinson’s IQ + You.

The Cougar Lady Chronicles

  • Publisher: Grant Lawrence
  • Total Episodes: 19

The Cougar Lady Chronicles is a true pioneering adventure story set in the rain forest of the West Coast of Canada in the 20th century. Told in dramatic storytelling fashion by award-winning author and CBC host Grant Lawrence, this is an exciting wilderness saga of the life and times of “Cougar” Nancy Crowther as she faces the daily dangers of wilderness living; everything from cougars, to draft dodgers, to the mysterious force known only as “them.” This series originally aired on North By Northwest, CBC Radio One, in British Columbia.

Donnie and Dhali – The Team

  • Publisher: CHEK Podcasts
  • Total Episodes: 68

Two of British Columbia’s most admired and respected sports journalists have found a new home at CHEK. Don Taylor and Rick Dhaliwal return with Donnie and Dhali – The Team. Follow along with Donnie and Dhali as they interview guests, and have fun discussing the latest in sports news. Donnie and Dhali the team will have new episodes every weekday, and you can also watch live on CHEK 10 am-12 pm PST Monday – Friday.

21st Century Pain Solutions

  • Publisher: Wayne Phimister
  • Total Episodes: 213

Dr. Wayne Phimister is a Family Physician with a special interest in chronic pain who’s passion is finding solutions for this epidemic problem facing 1/3 of the adult population. He is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada and has developed one of the first Online Medical Trigger Point Injections Courses for doctors and nurse practitioners, a technique that is easily learnt and implemented into the medical office of any doctor or nurse practitioner treating chronic pain. To get free access to Pain Solutions Newsletter, blogs and to register for his online course simply register at On the podcast, Dr. Wayne brings together experts from various segments to share with you how they solve peoples pain problems and how you can get this treatment too.

Really, 007!

  • Publisher: Really, 007!
  • Total Episodes: 48

Really, 007! is a fresh podcast dedicated to exploring all things James Bond. Our team of lifelong fans will bring you in-depth Bond film reviews, analysis of elements of the series, and up-to-date news on your favourite British secret agent…Really, 007! is an unofficial entity, and in no way affiliated with United Artists, EON Productions Ltd, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Columbia/Sony Pictures, Ian Fleming Publications, or Danjaq LLC. It is not supported or endorsed in any way by the aforementioned. The 007 Logo and James Bond copyrights and trademarks, remain the sole property of the original holders.Really, 007! is not associated in any way, with those mentioned above. This is an independent podcast to provide news, reference, opinions, updates, and commentary on all subjects associated with James Bond for the Fans of 007 worldwide.Copyright information pertaining to all other content is listed below:-James Bond Character created by Ian Fleming.Copyright © Ian Fleming Publications Ltd.007 Gun Symbol Logo © 1962 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists CorpDr. No © 1962 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.From Russia With Love © 1963 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Goldfinger © 1964 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Thunderball © 1965 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.You Only Live Twice © 1967 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.On Her Majesty’s Secret Service © 1967 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Diamonds are Forever © 1971 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Live And Let Die © 1973 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.The Man With The Golden Gun © 1974 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.The Spy Who Loved Me © 1977 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Moonraker © 1979 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.For Your Eyes Only © 1981 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Octopussy © 1983 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.A View To a Kill © 1985 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Pictures Inc.The Living Daylights © 1987 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Pictures Inc.Licence To Kill ©1989 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Pictures Inc.GoldenEye ©1995 Danjaq Inc. and United Artists Pictures IncTomorrow Never Dies © 1997 Danjaq LLC. and United Artists Pictures Inc.The World is Not Enough © 1999 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Pictures Inc.Die Another Day © 2002 Danjaq LLC. & MGMCasino Royale © 2006 Danjaq LLC MGM & Columbia Pictures SONYQuantum Of Solace © 2008 Danjaq LLC MGM & Columbia Pictures SONYSkyfall © 2012 Danjaq LLC. MGM & Columbia Pictures. (SONY)Spectre © 2015 Danjaq LLC. MGM & Columbia Pictures. (SONY)No Time To Die © Danjaq LLC. UA Releasing,MGM & Universal Pictures See for privacy and opt-out information.

BC Today from CBC Radio British Columbia

  • Publisher: CBC Radio
  • Total Episodes: 280

BC Today is where British Columbians connect on issues facing their lives and their community. Every week day at noon PT and 1pm MT, BC Today host Michelle Eliot delves into the top story for the province.

Joao Molinari’s Podcast

  • Publisher: Joao Molinari Junior
  • Total Episodes: 22

You will find podcasts on Canadian Business Law, Employment Law, and International Law with regards to undergraduate courses offered in British Columbia.

Midtown Church

  • Publisher: Midtown Church
  • Total Episodes: 20

We are a church in Vancouver, British Columbia that exists to make Jesus known.

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